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Individuals / Dealers

An instant quote that offers an optimum service showcasing instant quoting for packing and transport of a work art or antique offered for sale at auction or on an e-commerce site.


Increase your sale conversion rate. Offer your customers an instant, simple and integrated packing and global transport solution.

E-commerce Boutique

Improve the experience of your customers by offering complete management of all of your logistics from quotation to delivery through our applications and toold.

Auction Houses

Optimize your business through an integrated logistics solution from the instant quotation of packing and transport to final delivery of your orders.

Fine Art Galleries

An easy-to-use tool to create your packaging and transport quotes. Simplify your customers' experience with white glove operations.


Unique expereience and a reputation built on trust, our teams are specialists in the packing and transport of antiques, works of art and luxory goods.

Our logistics assets

In order to control the quality of our transport, we manage the collection and packaging operations in-house. We are constantly developing new training techniques for our employees.

We are constantly developing new training techniques for our employees.


We manage the removal operations in-house with our dedicated and specialized staff. Our own fleet of vehicles ensures responsiveness and efficiency.


Common courier (DHL, FedEx, etc.), air freight, maritime and groupage trucking. We organize your shipments around the world with the best cost, efficiency and rapidity.


Flatpack, carton, tube, wooden crate, and plybox. We manage the packing of your goods in-house due to our dedicated and automated production lines. Our expertise ensures maximum protection of your goods.


Because your goods are unique and valuable, we have included in our collection, packing and expedition offer an all-risk insurance that covers your purchase from collection to delivery.


From collection to delivery, packing and transport, track each step of shipping of your order.

White Glove

A unique service to take special care of your goods with a service of unpacking and installation at destination.

Our offer

Adapted for individuals and commercial entities, we offer tailor-made platforms and applications for your users.

3 applications are available: A quote request form, an API integration and a Widget integration.

For individuals



In-house logistics

We control our operations by our strategic choice to manage each step in-house from the collection, packing, shipping, tracking and delivery.

Knowledge and experience adapted to your needs

Our drivers, packers, technicians and operators are experts in logistics dedicated to antiques, works of art and luxory goods.

Custom-made packing

Your items do not come with original packing. This is why we make every effort to protect your goods so that they can be shipped safely.

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For professionals

White Glove

A personalized partnership

We work with you to develop and implement intelligent logistics solutions.

We take charge of your inventory and optimize your supply chain due to our integrated packing, customs and transport services.

We provide you with tools that allow you to optimize your operations from simple quotation to white glove delivery.

Our international presence allows you to be supported as you scale your business.

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Our Widget and API
integration tools

Integrate our algorithm on your e-commerce site so that your customers benefit from a «one-stop shopping» experience.

Offer your customers an integrated packaging and delivery experience.

Track your orders in real time as well as those of your customers.

Manage your shipping and customs documents securely.

import tpk from ‘thepackengers’;

await tpk.orders.create({
    price: 2000,
    currency: ‘usd’

await tpk.invoices.create({
    price: 2000,
    currency: ‘usd’

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Our CSR approach

Aware that businesses have a major role to play in making the world a better place, ThePackengers is committed to playing a responsible role in the fight against global warming.

As our values are perfectly in line with social responsibility, we are committed to reducing the carbon footprint associated with our transport activities and the production of packaging waste through the “ACT Pas à Pas” method developed by ADEME. We are constantly looking at new packaging techniques and improving our flows to achieve this.

To find out more about our CSR policy : Click here